Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can You Feel the Love?

Love is in the air at Lehigh. It's not because Valentine's Day is this month, but because our Early Decision I deposits are in, and Early Decision II acceptances are on their way out the door. It's always so exciting getting to know the students we are going to accept, especially those who are so in love with Lehigh that they have applied Early Decision! No two classes, just like no two applicant pools are exactly alike, and I'm always fascinated by the variety of students who are attracted to Lehigh each year. In the midst of choosing our Early Decision II students, we are also making gut-wrenching decisions with our Regular Decision applications. There are so many frustrations when it comes to application file reading, and this year is no exception. In fact I think that we've probably faced more challenges than ever this year because we went completely online this year with our file reading process, and it's been a bit of a bumpy learning curve of a ride! Technology aside, sloppy errors start to wear on us around this time of year, which should serve as fair warning for students intending on applying to Lehigh in the future. Students who have all the potential in the world, yet who are not applying themselves in high school are also a common irritant, and I'm pretty sure on a weekly basis there are students who we just want to shake some sense into because they have no idea or don't care about how truly talented they are and how they can be truly effective citizens if they just put forth some effort.

In the midst of reading applications, one of my responsibilities is to begin planning regional admitted student receptions around the world for our newly admitted students, their families, and the Lehigh family members. For admitted students who can't make it to campus in April for our on-campus events, or for those who would like to meet other accepted students in their area, there may be an accepted student reception held in their region.

Each year, many of Lehigh University’s more than 60,000 alumni family members and friends come together to congratulate newly accepted students within their communities. These special Accepted Student Receptions are a benchmark program for our University and are for those students who have already decided that Lehigh is their school, as well as for those still in the decision-making process, and are meant to provide students and their family the opportunity to meet Lehigh staff members and local alumni and parents. Lehigh invites students to come and hear about Lehigh alums' experiences and memories. Hopefully, this will help them to determine if Lehigh is the place where they will spend their undergraduate years and form fond college memories of their own.

Locations where receptions will be held this April include St. Louis, MO; Metro Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH; NYC; Long Island, NY; Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL; Istanbul, Turkey. Other potential cities include Houston, TX; Seattle, WA; Honolulu, HI

As of today, we are well past being 70% finished with reading applications, but there is still a bit of work to do until we have finished piecing together our Class of 2014. With spring on the horizon and so much Lehigh love in the air, how can anyone not love this time of year?! Gotta get back to the applications, so that's all for now...

Barrett Ellyn Frankel '02, '03 -

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